Gainesville’s Only Self Defense Academy


Shut Up and Train. That’s our motto. We started Gainesville Defense because of the experience our owner, Carly, had with being violently attacked. Struggling with PTSD, the only improvements she saw with her quality of life came from training for the very scenario that harmed her. Now, Gainesville Defense offers training in basic self defense, law enforcement and military training, as well as home protection and firearms training.

Training Programs


Combative Self Defense

We are Gainesville’s only training program specializing in combative self defense. While we are martial arts specialists, our self defense training is based on applied techniques for modern combat.

Program Highlights:

  • Multiple Black Belt Owned Facility with more than 40 Years of Self Defense Training Experience in Gainesville

  • Classes for Adults, Youth, and Women

  • Group Classes, Private Training, and Seminars

  • Weapons defense training

Women’s Martial Arts

We encourage women training in our self defense programs to attend our women’s-only group martial arts classes for additional experience. We offer women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Karate classes.

Program Highlights:

  • Women’s martial arts classes taught by experienced female instructors

  • Training designed for women’s bodies and strengths

  • Active Competition Team

Law Enforcement, Military, and Personal Protection Training

We have been training law enforcement, military, and civilians in personal protection for years. In addition to group training, we offer concealed weapons and firearms training classes designed for self defense.

Program Highlights:

  • Experience training military seminars, recruits, and law enforcement, including the Gainesville Police Department

  • Certified NRA Pistol Instructor on staff

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